About Us

Our Mission

Rainbow Electronics is a leader in supplying electronic components and fasteners, as well as other types of products. We're proud to say that we have over 39 yrs of fastener and component experience.

We were established in 1981, as a distributor of electronic, mechanical hardware. In 1995, Rainbow Electronics added fasteners to their product line. Our inside sales/customer service people have broad knowledge of our products. Every one of them started in the shipping and receiving department before advancing to the order desk. We carry a wide variety of products. Because we work with some of the finest machine shops in the country, we can also quote on custom made specials that meet your specifications. These programs are cost effective, saving our customers valuable time and money. 

Our Vision

Rainbow Electronics is committed to providing you with the parts you need, when you need them. Because of Rainbow’s large supplier resources we are able to offer great pricing and deliveries. We pride ourselves in satisfying our customers. 

Contact us at 510.475.9840 or e-mail us at sales@rainbowelectronics.com and we will supply you with a current and competitive quote.

We look forward to serving you,
Stephanie Bombino